An Explanation of Vestments
White or Gold Festivals of Our Lord, such as Christmas, Easter Ascension and of the Virgin Mary.
White signifies purity, innocence and holiness.
Gold signifies sun, sovereignty, love and wisdom.
Red: Pentecost, Whitsun and Festivals of the Apostles and Martyrs.
Red signifies blood and fire.
Rose: May be used on the Fourth (Laetare) Sunday of Lent and the Third (Gaudete) Sunday of Advent.
St Mary’s has suitable vestments.
Purple: Advent and Lent.
Purple signifies a sign of penance or waiting.
Green: Common or Ordinary time. Between Candlemas and Lent and between Trinity and Advent.
Green signifies the earth, hope and regeneration.
Blue: This can be used instead of purple.
Blue signifies penance, faith, eternity, and the heavens. It is traditionally the colour of the Virgin's robe.