Froyle Textile Group
St Mary's
St Mary’s, Upper Froyle
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Back in March 2004 two people started sorting through a treasure trove of ecclesiastical Vestments, which the last Lord of the Manor, Sir Hubert Miller, had collected and were stored in atrocious conditions in the church. At the time none of us realized quite what we had fallen upon. After the initial foray by these two people the word was spread that St Mary’s had an unbelievable collection of Vestments dating back to as early as the 16thC. Immediately interest was roused and The Froyle Textile Group was founded.
From then onwards steps were made to start caring for this incredible Collection and various people in the village offered help in vacuuming, cataloguing, photographing and promoting this find. We now have a dedicated team who meet each Wednesday to care for these items. We have an annual exhibition and private showings all with the view of raising money to send certain items to professional conservators. Over the past 9 years together we have raised £18,000 from charities, exhibitions and private sources.
All this delicate work takes dedication, patience, and, most importantly, money. If you would like to support us, visit us, request a private showing, or find out more about this wonderful collection, you can contact us via the menu item on the left. (Group visits, by appointment, £120.00)